Nowadays, running a business without a website is almost impossible to succeed.   Before customers decide to move for your products or services, they are first researching about the business and what it offers.  Customers will also compare your prices with similar business and look at the reviews as well. When you have a website such as, customers will consider your business as more credible and trustworthy.   There are studies that show that online presence enhances trust from customers. 

 Although you need a website, your site should have high-quality and relevant content.  As a result, customers will get what they want when they come to your site.  However, you need to ensure that customers find you easily.   You can have a site that people don’t know about.   This why you need SEO.  When your website is properly optimized you will be found easily by your online visitors. 

Search engine optimization involves the use of keywords or keyword phrases that are relevant to your business. When customers type such keywords in on the search engines, your business website will be listed on the first page of Google. This will increase the rate of click through and conversion.  

As the business owner, you might not have good knowledge of internet marketing and search engine optimization.   It is, however, important that you hire an expert. For effective search engine optimization, you need quality content.   Hiring a professional in content marketing allows getting quality content.  However, you need an online marketplace like SEOClerks where you can assess SEO services.   The content you receive from professional search engine freelancers allows you to optimize your site effectively. 

 Small businesses are now opting to outsource SEO service due to various reasons. Some of the benefits of outsourcing SEO services include the following.  

 1. Time efficient. 

 To succeed in content marketing you need quality content. You will need to spend adequate time to write such content.   To end up with quality content you need to write drafts, proofreading and editing, SEO consideration, as well as content that is search engine friendly.   Because you might not have all the time for such high-quality content, outsourcing allows to save time.   Since your business will need you in other areas, outsourcing content frees up such time for you. 

 2. Lowers your budget.  

 It is more affordable to outsource content rather than hire a permanent employee.   You will only pay for the content you need.   It cheaper get outsourced content rather than maintain an employee permanently.  A freelance platform will charge for the content your get based on the agreed terms.   Therefore, there will be no expenses that come with full-time employees. 

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